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Shall we dance under the blanket of stars
Shall we dance under the blanket of stars?
What else do I need?
You're holding my hand while your hair
gracefully whirls across my face
Shall we lie next to each other and do nothing?
What else do I need?
Your breath slightly caressing my chest
and your body brushing against mine
Shall we take a walk around the city?
What else do I need?
You and me and the moonlit sky
Let’s just walk today...
Let’s just wish this night never ends
Shall we perform poetry?
What else do I need?
Just you, your voice, and some words of mine
elegantly dripping from your lips

♥ Not Mine ♥
Anil Arora

Naulekahe par tere khoon ki boond hai,
Motiyo ki jagah par jada kaun hai,
Jiski khatir daga chandini se kare,
Puch suraj ki woh dilruba kaun hai?
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  • zaara
Nice romantic poem anil ji...


Aap Ki Dost




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